Laws of Likability

willyWilly Sutton was one of the most successful bank robbers in American history. After being captured he was asked by the media how he was able rob so many banks without getting caught. His answer was both witty and wise.

“I learned a long time ago,” Willy said, “That people will do anything you want if you carry a smile … and a gun, instead of just a gun.” Willy Sutton knew a little something about likability.

What I’m about to share with you is going to look uncomplicated on the surface, and to some extent it is. The magic lies in how you apply these principles to your job and to your life.

Once you master the laws of likeability, you will be shocked at the effectiveness of something so simple.

The Laws of Likeability

  1. We like people who like us
  2. We like people who are like us
  3. We like people who make us feel safe and welcome
  4. We like people who elevate our mood
  5. We like people with whom we have frequent contact
  6. We like people with whom we collaborate
  7. We like people who show respect (to themselves and others)
  8. We like beautiful people
  9. We like people who we associate with good feelings
  10. We like people who are relevant in our lives
  11. We like the people we help
  12. We like people who can laugh at themselves easily

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