30 Day Likeability Challenge – Lesson 5

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What did you learn from our last lesson? Were you able to be your genuine self for the last two day? Did you project yourself to everyone you met in the same way? Please tell the community what you learned from the last lesson in the comment section below.

Today’s Lesson

We like people who make us feel safe.

Your challenge over the next 48 hours is to pay attention to the people who make you feel safe and the people who don’t make you feel safe around them and report back on what you learned.


  • By Jerome Kellner, February 22, 2010 @ 10:06 am

    I can’t tell you how huge this one is for me; forget two days, I’m responding right now.

    I’ve been making people feel less than safe for the past few weeks. Giving presentations before live audiences, and being big and enthusiastic. I am male and most of the audience is female, and the response has been less than overwhelming.

    By contrast, yesterday we had one of our best sign ups. No mistake it was after a testimony by a very small, quiet woman, who testified what the program we’re offering did for her, which was all positive. Of course, or we wouldn’t have had her testify!

    BTW, all thru her testimony, I was inwardly shaking my head, no,no,no, no one is going to want to sign up listening to this small, mousy, unenthusiastic testifier. Where’s the enthusiasm, the gusto, the over the top?

    Obviously not needed, as your advice points out. I’m sure that stuff has some place at some time during a program or seminar, but your advice is invaluable. I strongly intend to lose the bigness and enthusiasm, present my part of the show without those, and give plenty of room to let others do the all-important work of making our audience feel safe.

    p.s. This is the single best on-line course of any kind I’ve ever taken, and I’ve taken more than a few. By far the best, thank you.

  • By April Harris, March 31, 2011 @ 2:48 pm

    Lesson 4 was an easy lesson for me. I’ve always been a genuine person. I attributed this trait to my poor memory. I never wanted to be in a situation and forgot who I was trying to be at another time–lol. Funny, but true. The lesson also confirmed that being who you truly are inadvertently gifts others to be who they truly are as well.

  • By Reginald AMICY, December 2, 2011 @ 3:26 am

    Well taught, Bob! To me, safety is one of the greatest laws of likeability especially when interacting with women! I am now working to make my environment safer! Thanks, Bob!

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